For six generations (300 years) the human kingdoms of Amistade (Petra, Sychar, White Hawk and others) waged war on each other, with no ruler able to conquer another. Humans used all the arms and magic they had at their disposal to try and conquer one another. When that failed they turned to dark magic and darker pacts with divine and infernal beings to crush one another, unleashing the hideous beastmen and arrogant centaurs upon the world of Amistade.

So great was the humans’ desire to conquer one another that in the end they lay waste to themselves, and the very lands they were fighting over. Once the major race or Amistade, the humans now find themselves near the bottom of the racial food chain. A once proud race has nearly wiped itself out of existence.

Meanwhile the human’s 300 years of war brought about significant changes to the other races of Amistade.

Large tribes of dwarves returned to the surface and flourished. Now they are the dominant race of the surface. Controlling some of the former kingdoms of man.

While in the early years of the human wars, the White Elves disappeared from Amistade not to be scene or heard from for 300 years. But since their recent return they have seem to be quickly repopulating many former human lands and kingdoms, now lagging just behind the dwarves for control of the surface world.

Nearly ten years ago now the White Elves mysteriously reappeared on Amistade after liberating a race called the Kalish from another part of the galaxy. Upon freeing the Kalish from the race that had enslaved them for centuries they made their way with the aid of the White Elves back to Amistade. The Kalish own world was sacrificed in a world-shattering explosion in an effort to forever put an end to the Abotchee; the cruel race that once enslaved them.

After returning to Amistade the White Elves formed new alliances with the Dwarves, Lapin, Codeil, Kalish and Halflings. The combined racial alliance has successfully fought back the dark forces unleashed by the humans upon Amistade. The alliance has also put the various humanoid races back in check, who have swelled and taken advantage of the humans weakened state.

What’s left of humanity though has been fiercely divided into two groups; those who have turned to the White Elves for help and joined their alliance; and those who resist and continue to look for new magical ways or pacts with divine or infernal beings to once again rule Amistade.

You hardy adventures find yourself on the verge of a new dawn or darkness for Amistade. The White Elves and the other races seek to reopen the ancient trade routes of Amistade across the war-torn lands of man to bring peace and prosperity between the races. Meanwhile several groups are seeking adventurers brave enough to retrieve the lost knowledge, artifacts and relics or man before they fall into foul hands.

The core races of the campaign are:
  • Codeil – enlightened lizard folk; replaces Half-orcs
  • Dwarves – those that live on the surface and those that live beneath it in the Undervale
  • Brown Elves – a bit like fey tieflings
  • White Elves – classic high elves
  • Halflings – classic halflings
  • Humans – those that sided with the White Elves
  • Kalish – a new human looking race, but not human
  • Lapin – a new race of rabbit folk
  • Tan’zhom – a new race of humanoid insects with gnome-like characteristics

There are no drow elves, half-races (half-orc or half-elves) or gnomes on Amistade.

There are three new classes, Merchant-Rogue, Temporal Adept and Temporal Kensai. The Temporal Adept and Temporal Kensai classes are only available to the Kalish race.

There are also several nasty new races that you’ll meet along the way though, that want you out of the way.

Welcome brave adventurers to the World of Amistade.

World of Amistade