The Great Fall

The race of man has reached a low point, For the last 300 years all the empires of man have warred against each other with no clear victor, or new nation arising to claim power. The empires of man fought to a weakened stalemate, but were urged on from the shadows by dark forces and warmonger merchants who grew fat and wealthy off supplying arms to all sides.

With the empires of man weakened the humanoid chieftains raised a great unified army and crashed down upon the weakened armies of man.

Again the merchants and those in the shadows profited by supplying arms to the humanoid armies.

The continued warfare has taken a toll on the spellcasters of man who have been thinned in numbers and knowledge. Their numbers greatly reduced by magical duels and assassins’ blades. Meanwhile their magical libraries and studies have been sacked and burned. Human knowledge of casting and conjuring is now greatly reduced.

During the last 300 years the gods have also fought among themselves for worshippers among the dwindling pools of humans. Many of the old gods have sent avatars to seek out new worshippers from the demi-human and humanoid races. While new young gods have risen to power from their demi-human worshippers and the Nebari humans looking for salvation from the old deities and their feuds.

During the second century of the human wars, an evil order unleashed a being from the Abyss called the Godslayer, who hunted and thinned the ranks of the old gods.

The wars of man are said to have begun around the time Nuhhon, one of the oldest empires of Amistade disappeared overnight, coming instead to be known at the Outlands. There strange creatures called beastmen and other beings never before seen on the face of Amistade stormed North from the Outlands to devastate and shatter the empire of White Hawk and it’s life force. Even the land itself would succumb to the new unseen ruling forces there.

During the early years of the wars of man the White Elves all but disappeared from Amistade, while the Brown Elves retreated deep into the far corners of nature in the crumbling human empires.

Halflings, Lapin and Dwarves had their own problems. Halflings and Lapin fought to hold on to their ancestral homes, and protect them from human and humanoid raiding parties.

The Dwarves meanwhile fought to steam the rising tide and power of the Orpheum to become the dominant race of the Undervale. The Orpheum nearly succeeded in doing so with the help of their god Yurlungor.

Trade routes were all but forgotten or erased, other than those used to supply arms, black market magic items or move armies and mercenary forces.

It was at this point when humanity was at its lowest point; when famine and starvation was rampant and trade between the empires all but vanished that the White Elves returned to restore order, balance and law to the lands of Amistade.

The White Elves made two pacts with powerful gods; Aliwon the principle god of the White Elves, and Rockmon the original god of Amistade.

Rockmon eldest and wisest of the gods put down the Godslayer of the Abyss. He fought him to unconsciousness then imprisoned his essence in Cluras, one of the two moons of Amistade.

Aliwon and Rockmon loaned the White Elves powerful magical artifacts and relics to take charge of the lands of Amistade. The White Elves in exchange gave up part their elongated life spans in order to call upon additional magic to procreate greater numbers of White Elves to repopulate Amistade.

The White Elves appointed seven Sevenas (Princes) who each lead their respective forces to reclaim Petra the largest fallen empire of man, and the grain belt of Amistade. For the last 20 years the White Elves have worked to cleanse Petra of the evil that invaded it. They have also formed a racial alliance with the Dwarves, Lapin, Halflings and Codeil to bring stability to respective lands of those races along with the lands they took control of from the humans.

In order to restore order to the former lands of man and the demi-humans the White Elves turned to several races often thought to be savage or unintelligent. They turned to the Codeil, Tan’zhom and the primal kindred the Brown Elves. With their additional aid and support the Sevenas and the racial alliance were able to crush the arms merchants, humanoid and Orpheum armies, while other dark unseen forces in check.

The White Elves and their allies now control half to two thirds of the former lands of man. Part of the reclaimed lands have been given to allies of the White Elves for their aid.

This show of dominance by the White Elves and the racial alliance fractured the human race. Half the remaining humans fled their former lands for the safety and security of the White Elf lands, and those of their allies. Renaming themselves the Nebari, these human refugees and survivors have accepted their new role and the rule of the White Elves and the other races.

Those humans who refused to yield their power ,and relinquish control of their former hands to the White Elves, have retreated to what is left of their fallen lands adopting the name Scarrans. The Scarrans have turned to and embraced Chaos and black magic to try and rebuild their armies and power base. Most Scarran chieftains still spend their time warring amongst themselves, while plotting and scheming of ways to conquer the White Elves and their allies.

Between the White Elves and the Kalish magic has been brought back to the lands of man. However 300 years of warfare mixed with magic has produced several pockets of wild magic and dead magic zones. And for yet unknown reasons magic seems to be waning all across Amistade over the last year..

The White Elves and their allies have restored the Halflings to their ancestral lands. Though a large number of Halflings have developed into nomadic groups out of necessity and survival during the war torn days of Amistade.

The White Elves and the Codeil helped the Dwarves put down the Orpheum uprising in the Undervale, but Orpheum raids and skirmishes are still frequent between the two sides. The Orpheum also continue to make periodic slave raids against the all the surface races to support their underground city-states and petty civil wars.

It is rumored that the creatures who control the Outlands backed the Orpheum’s bid to crush the Dwarves. The Dwarves describe seeing creatures they’ve never seen before leading Orpheum slave raiding parties, and using powerful weapons previously unknown to Amistade.

The humanoids of Amistade have evolved as well. The orcs seem to be more organized and obedient to their chieftains. The goblins are said to have fallen under the rule of a human looking witch queen. The lonesome ratmen have become a force in their own right, having gone so far as to capture and rule their own kingdom south of Sychar.

A number of new gods have appeared to fill some of the positions lost to the Godslayer, while some older almost forgotten deities have seen new worshippers, in particular Rockmon.

The Lapin have come into their own acting as trusted guides to Kalish, White Elf, Nebari and Dwarf caravans trying to establish new trade routes and reopen old ones.

Though much of the lands now held by the White Elves and their racial allies are pacified, their still remain wild unexplored pockets. Many of the new kingdoms and empires have wild or war torn areas that have started to attract brave adventurers. Many of these brave adventurers have gone off to investigate these dark pockets, while the truly brave or fool-hearty have ventured into the dangerous fallen human lands to see what is left of those devastated war-torn territories. Tragically though few of these adventurers have returned. Those few who have either return laden with treasure, bearing fresh new scars, or report bizarre sinister cults and groups looking to keep the old wars going.

The old fallen kingdoms the Scarrans still cling to, remain dark murky places. The people there live on the brink of constant starvation and death from petty internal conflicts. The Scarran kingdoms are especially dangerous for White Elves. Scarrans to this day will attack White Elves on sight. They have a racial hatred for the White Elves that runs deep. Scarrans still feel they should be the ones ruling the lands of Amistade.

In a strange twist to the return of the White Elves is the last city that seemed to have a White Elf populace was Sychar. For 300 years Sychar was controlled by the White Elves. It was one of the only free city-states that survived the generations of strife. Yet as the White Elves marched forth and set sail from Sychar to reclaim Amistade from Chaos, the city itself fell under the rule of a fallen avatar of a slain god, a being who now goes by the name of Dread.

Dread is neither man nor elf, but it seems he can not be unseated. Several attempts have been made by the White Elves and their allies to recapture the city-state, but all have failed.

Despite several coup attempts Dread has turned Sychar from a White Elf refugee into one of the three jeweled free city-states of Amistade, a true rival to Carameese and White Hall.

Sychar is now a megalopolis, where races from across and beneath Amistade freely mix under his stern rule. This mega-city may or may not be the future of Amistade.

All of this brings us to the present, where you brave adventurers find yourselves on the cusp of a new dawn of adventure on mighty Amistade. Will you seek to make a name for yourself exploring the wild and dark corners and fallen kingdoms of Amistade? Or will you make your fortunes by helping to establish new trade routes between the kingdoms of the White Elves and their allies?

The Great Fall

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